Some BIG things are happening this week!

This is the darling little town where the Marketing Boot Camp will be held!
     So here it is, time to write another blog!   Well, I was afraid I wasn't going to have anything to say.  But, actually I do!  
     Most importantly I'd want to send out a heartfelt note to all those affected by the hurricane! I plan to make a painting and sell it on Facebook with all the proceeds to go to help the victims!
     I just finished writing my very first newsletter and I have 44 subscribers to send it out to!   Very exciting!   There's new news in there that I can't really share in here.   So there's a reason to get your name on my mailing list!   The subscription link is on my website.  
     Guess what!?  I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a Marketing Boot Camp!   I literally cannot wait to go!   I've dreamed about this for a couple years and it's really going to happen soon!   It's a 3 day boot camp and I promise I will blog all about it after I go!   
     I have several new pieces in the works at the moment.  Beau Monde is going to be changing out some of the current work with some of my new things!   I'll post some pictures in my blog when we get them all hung up.   One thing that's new for me is Wichita State artwork.   I've never made a WU until yesterday.  More to come....
       This Friday is when my big September Instagram giveaway begins!   September is my birthday month and to celebrate I am going to give away an original 6” x 6” painting everyday on Instagram. 💕 The following ✅ are your ways to get an entry in the giveaway, do one or all three!:
✅ Follow me @pollygentrystudio
✅ Like the photo
✅Tag a friend who would like to be a part of the giveaway (HINT: You can tag as many people as you like but they have to be in separate comments)
That’s it! The painting that I will be giving away will be posted every day in September at 8AM CST. The winners will be announced the following morning at 8AM CST on my insta story and in the comments under the post.
​     See I told you big things are happening this week!   See you next Tuesday!

This is Hank, my golden retriever. He's always by my side. He loves to hang out in the studio with me.

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