So now I'm a blogger?

So one of the most important things for an artist to do is to blog!  What!?!   Me?!?  No way!!!  But, I've had a change of heart because recently I've been reading more and more about the importance of art blogging.  So here I am!  I'll be posting on Tuesdays and Saturdays about what's going on in my art world.  

One of the most popular questions people ask me is, "How did you get started?"  That question always makes me smile!   So, here's how it happened.   My kids were grown and I was looking for things to do to keep busy.  I started taking art classes at Mark Arts (formally The Wichita Center for the Arts) .  I took an abstract painting class and found myself covered in paint with no clue what was going on in my paintings.   But, for some reason I just gave up.  I decided maybe I should golf.    Yea that wasn't for me.....however my Fitbit numbers were really great back then.

A year later I saw the class schedule at Mark Arts and there was one called Color Splash!  That had my name all over it!  So I signed up and I have been taking classes ever since.  I began studying different artists and their techniques.   I'm constantly learning and trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone.   Mark Arts has so many amazing teachers and I just love everyone there!   It's such a supportive community of creative inspiration.  

Now that I was creating art, what was I going to do with it?   I decided to set a goal to sell a painting.  In 2014 my first painting went to a dear college friend in Kansas City.  Then in 2015 I set a goal to have an exhibition.  I was fortunate to be selected for a duo show in Edwards, CO at the Alpine Arts Center.   For 2016 I thought getting a website was a good goal.  I did that but it wasn't until 2017 that I really got it going the way I liked.  2017 has been a big turning point for my art career.  We built a studio and I spend most of my days out there.   As I look ahead to 2018 I haven't set a specific goal yet.....but you all will be the first to know.  

So that's it!  That's how it all began!   Thanks for stopping by my website.  Please sign up for my newsletter!  I will be sending one out quarterly.   

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