My Summer in Vail

This summer has been particularly busy for my art business.  I landed a spot in the Vail Farmers Market in the Perch tent.  For the past 3 Sundays I have worked at the tent selling my watercolor sketches and pinned hearts.  This has been such a fun experience meeting so many wonderful people and the Perch girls are the best to work with too.   

I’m heading home on Monday for a month to make more artwork for the fair.   There will definitely be more of the SKI piece coming out as this one only lasted about 2 hours in the tent before it sold.   I used the Vail ski map to cut the hearts out.   

If you’re in Vail stop by the Perch booth tomorrow and say hi!   


  • Hi Laura! Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m having a lot of fun that is for sure! xoxo Polly

    Polly Gentry
  • Polly – you are a talented artist! I love your watercolors which are a beautiful reflection of your artistic expertise. I wish you so much success.

    Laura Parsons

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